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Registering Your Pressa Bottle Warranty? See below.

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Thank you for your purchase. You can read below about your warranty. 


Purchased From Official Site or Retailer? 

Pressa Bottle has a lifetime warranty. 

Authorized Retailers 

To submit a warranty claim you will need to provide the receipt for your purchase from an authorized seller eg., Amazon. 

Acceptable Claims

This warranty does not cover everyday wear and tear. Cosmetic scuff or marks from everyday use are acceptable for replacement. Wear and tear just means you're using the product to the best of it's capabilities. If something does break don't stress, we've got you covered. 

Warranty Process

Pressa Bottle reviews each and every case. We document everything so that we can keep a record. Once Pressa Bottle deems a replacement should be sent the exact make and model will be shipped out to you. In the rare case we're sold out of a model you will be asked which make and model will be shipped as a replacement. 


To file a warranty claim, please follow these steps:


  1. Send us the receipt that proves date of purchase. 
  2. Send an explanation and images of the defected Pressa Bottle
  • Images must be full length and contain the entire product.
  • Send explanation and images to the below email address with the subject line "Warranty"


That's it! We want to keep pressing on and generally resolve all warranty claims within 24 hours.