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Affiliate Program

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What is the Pressa Bottle Affiliate program?
  • The Pressa Bottle affiliate program offers your followers unique offers and pays you a commission for each sale you influenced. We handle customer service, delivery and everything in-between. All you have to do is enjoy drinking naturally flavored beverages and share that with your followers.
How does it work? 
  1. Register for the program and we will be in touch.
  2. You'll copy your unique link and a 10% off coupon code for your audience.
  3. When someone uses your link or code you make 20% of the sale. Ka-Ching!
  4. Cookie duration/tracking is 30 days. So you get paid if a customer decides to make a purchase up to 30 days after you've influenced a purchase. 
  5. We pay you once a minimum of 2 sales have been made. This is due to transaction fees. 

Please note that free bottles are awarded to influencers who's engagement rate meets our requirements. If yours does not, that's fine, we just require you to purchase your bottle using the 10% discount code you're given. We even count this bottle towards your commission so you'll receive 20% more back. This ensures that people aren't just trying to get free bottles and are actually interested in a partnership as an affiliate. 

Who can join? 
  • Anyone! (Family friendly accounts please) We choose affiliates based on their engagement and several other criteria. Don't have 1 million followers but you're looking to educate your audience? We'd love to have you. 
  • We offer a 20% commission on each sale. We also give you a 10% coupon to pass along to your audience. 
What does cookie duration mean? 
  • People often take up to 3 views of a product or service before a customer makes a decision to purchase. If you post about your Pressa Bottle and a customer takes up to 30 days to make a purchase you'll still be paid a commission. It helps to share consistently with your audience.


How do I join Pressa Bottle's affiliate program? Simple. Click Below. 

PressaBottle Affiliate Program