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From 3D Printing to Dragons Den.

How 3 brothers brought their first product to life. 

Created by brothers Jesse, Luke and Mason Hambly, Pressa Bottle is the only water bottle of it’s kind. Now, you can press and juice any fruit into your favorite beverage. The idea was sparked in College out of frustration with the lack of healthy drink options on campus. The brothers brought the product to life using Kickstarter and have since been featured on Martha Stewart, Popsugar and many more!

The brothers were also concerned with the lack of attention disposable flavored beverage containers were receiving, they’re just as bad as water bottles people! Pressa Bottle works great for water, but also makes cocktails, sangria or hot drinks amazing . No one wants to ditch flavored drinks, but disposable has to go!

Thousands of people have made the switch to Pressa Bottle and are enjoying their drinks again! Our reviews speak for themselves and we’re happy to have created something that positively impacts our customers lives :)

We made flavored water and beverages better! 

We weren't enrolled in the rocket science program, but it didn't take long for us to realize fruit naturally doesn't want to release juice into our water bottle. In fact, it did the exact opposite, absorbing water, bloating and creating a mess to clean out later.  We began to imagine how beneficial (and satisfying) it would be to press that flavor filled fruit and tap into it for all it's worth. 


Kickstarter to a Sucessful Dragons Den Pitch. 

Water's the superstar here so instead of concocting a low cal, detox-skinny tea with anti-aging benefits "that tastes great" (pff!), we decided to simplify and create a water bottle to flavor water naturally. Just add a couple of pieces of your favorite fruit, twist the dial on top of the bottle and press real flavor into your water bottle, simple. We like to call it pressed water.