We're health conscious brothers who discovered the fountain of youth in our kitchen. We're talking about water! Water flushes toxins, boosts your metabolism and keeps your skin looking great!

Jesse, Luke and Mason Hambly invent Pressa Bottle

It all started in College, we noticed classmates infusing their water in a variety of ways all using the same inefficient method of submerging fruit in infuser bottles. After testing infuser bottles out we were amazed the effects drinking the recommended daily amount of water had on our bodies but the flavored water lacked one thing, flavor!

We weren't enrolled in the rocket science program, but it didn't take long for us to realize fruit naturally doesn't want to release juice into our water bottle. In fact, it did the exact opposite, absorbing water, bloating and creating a mess to clean out later.  We began to imagine how beneficial (and satisfying) it would be to press that flavor filled fruit and tap into it for all it's worth. 

drinking healthy detox water to help maintain a healthy life and weight.


Water's the superstar here so instead of concocting a low cal, detox-skinny tea with anti-aging benefits "that tastes great" (pff!), we decided to simplify and create a water bottle to flavor water naturally. Just add a couple pieces of your favorite fruit, twist the dial on top of the bottle and press real flavor into your water bottle, simple. We like to call it pressed water. 

drinking more detox water helps lose weight and maintain a balanced lifestyle.