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June 13, 2016 2 min read

It’s that time of year again. Burning through lip balms faster than you burn through your Tinder feed. The winter months take a toll on your lips, and there are billions of products out there to help with this. A plug-in humidifier helps aid that dry morning feeling and the lip balm aisle offers endless options to soothe and save your lips. 

What if you’re using all the right products, but you’re still chapped? Could it be that you’re dehydrated? No, I have to drink more water in the summer because of the heat. Right?It may surprise you to know that you need to consume just as much water in the winter as the summer. Now, there are obvious factors such as physical activity that need to be considered, but your water consumption from season-to-season really doesn’t change much.

Having water readily available is key, so carrying a water bottle will encourage you to drink water. Sipping your h2o throughout the day decreases the "chapped-ness" of your lips and helps to hydrate your skin, eliminating that dry itchy feeling. And.., you’ve heard this a million times, but carrying a re-usable water bottle helps to minimise the billions of disposable water bottles discarded every year. So if you’re not, start!

Sugary drinks offer a sweet flavor that can be comforting this time of year, but, do they hydrate? Nope! So mix it up, experiment, and infuse your water naturally this winter. Infused or detox water is an easy way to help you avoid sugary, unhealthy drinks and an infuser or detox water bottle allows you to carry your water with you all day.

Last, as a preventative measure for all you "lip lickers" out there, you're going to need to stop that. Our saliva actually contains acids to break down food so while licking your lips may provide momentary relief, it just makes things worse. 

Remember, dry lips won't help you seal the deal with your Tinder matches. 

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