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What's the best beverage when you're at 30,000 ft?
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What's the best beverage when you're at 30,000 ft?

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The holidays are approaching and many of us will travel to visit loved ones. This means busy airports and stuffy airplane cabins after a large meal.

We wanted to share a tip we here at Pressa Bottle use when travelling. It's simple but we guarantee you'll notice a difference. It's (are you ready for this) drinking water on the plane. Yep, so simple but not a lot of us do this when there's sugary or alcoholic options.
The cabin of a plane is climate controlled which often means the humidity levels are very low. Low humidity = dehydration. Sitting for extended periods of time and reduced cabin pressure also can cause your ankles to swell. Which most of us know is unpleasant. Try these tips below while flying over the holidays and let us know what worked for you. You can message us on social media @pressabottle or email us at info@pressabottle.com.
Drinking water while travelling by plane will help with dehydration, swollen ankles and a more comfortable trip.

What you can do to prevent swollen ankles

  1. Move! Stretch out (as much as possible) and go for a quick walk down the isle.
  2. Avoid alcohol (can causes blood vessels to dilate).
  3. Maximize your sitting space and store all bags overhead
  4. Isle seat so you can stretch out those legs
  5. Drink plenty of water. We recommend filling your Pressa Bottle at the terminal. For longer trips bring two. And if you have to pee often this checks off the #1 to move on the plane :)
  6. Avoid salt. This promotes fluid to stay in the body
  7. You can try compression socks.
  8. Crossing you legs or sitting in a way that resembles a pretzel makes it harder for your body to circulate blood. Sit normal, only another 6 hours to go!
Grab a Pressa Bottle before the holiday rush and start carrying it with you on flights. You'll notice a huge difference when you make the switch to pressed water.