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June 24, 2017 2 min read

You know you have plenty of options when it comes to what you will drink today. Cold pressed juice for breakfast or a sports drink at the gym. These drinks are healthy right? Well to a certain extent. Most of them preach health and hydration but add calories to your diet instead. So at the gym what should you be drinking?

When you exercise 3 or more hours a day your body needs sodium to retain water. Now unless you’re an professional athlete, 3 hours at the gym is a long time! So what does this mean for the everyday gym goer who chooses a sports drink over water? Well, it means sports drinks only add unnecessary sugars and calories. The companies who claimed they could help you tone up those glutes or chisel your pecs might be slowing you down. So what do you drink at the gym instead of Gatorade?

Detox water at the gym for weight loss and eliminating sugar intake.

You need to hydrate but water is boring and tastes bland. Infuser bottles offer some flavor but the taste is faint and less than impressive. You've seen the extravagant detox waters on Instagram, but who has time to cut up all that fruit! This is why the brothers at Pressa Bottle designed Pressa Bottle. Like you, Pressa Bottle likes to get in a little workout everyday, pressing fruit into your water . The bottle uses a juice press to squeeze the fruit inside, releasing flavor when you want it. The result is a flavored water that will have you gulping down the good stuff. The best part, fruit contains sodium just like a sports drink does so your body can keep some water for later. Now get back to those "gains" and kill #transformationtuesday this week.

Look out summer bod here we come!!

Comment your questions or suggestions please. 

How much water should you drink at the gym?



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