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What Is Pressed Water And How Can It Help You?
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What Is Pressed Water And How Can It Help You?

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Why Pressed Water?

gray pressa bottle juices and presses fruit

You may have seen the options available for detox water bottles, also referred to as infusers, infuser bottles, diffuser bottles (which we’re pretty sure is wrong) and many other names. Some of us have even tried these bottles to try and add natural flavor to our water. This would be a great idea, if these bottles were able to actually flavor your water.

If you look at the anatomy of fruit there is either a thin skin on the outside of it or the inside is made up of small beads, like a lemon or an orange. We’re not rocket scientists but we can confidently say that without crushing fruit minimal to no juice will ever be released. So why on earth would a detox water bottle work? The faint taste of fruit that you are tasting in your infuser is often from the fruit being cut or the oil which leaks from rind of a lemon or lime.

 Pressed water juices fruit in to your water for a better tasting detox water.

Okay, so where are we going with this? No crushing/juicing/pressing of the fruit equals no flavor, plain and simple. We realized this a few years ago and began developing Pressa Bottle to juice fruit inside a water bottle to offer loads of flavor without having to remove the fruit from the bottle. Since we didn’t want to be associated with boring old detox or infused water we decided we needed a name of our own. We like to call it pressed water, a delicious, flavor packed alternative to sugary drinks that puts detox water bottles to shame.


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