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December 21, 2017 2 min read

We're aware of the effects of alcohol but we're not always willing to give it up. Over the holidays we come together often indulging in delicious customary drinks. If you're trying to limit alcohol this holiday we have some suggestions.


A drink or two on an empty stomach usually leaves us a little tipsy. Making sure you eat a meal high in protein will help with this. It's a common misconception that bread or carbs will help absorb alcohol.This isn't the case, protein, in fact, slows the bodies ability to absorb alcohol, lowering your blood alcohol level.

Clear = In the Clear

This one is simple. Clear spirits contain fewer toxins from the fermentation process called congeners. These toxins are the by-products and contribute to hangovers.



Most of the cocktails or mixes used contain high amounts of sugar.Try to avoid these for two reasons; they increase the intensity of a hangover and extra sugar leads to an array of other health concerns. If you're out, most cocktails come in a sugar-free version. If you're staying in try pressing real fruit juice into your alcohol using aPressa Bottle. You can even chill in the fridge or freezer and take it with you to pour into a glass at the party.


If you're feeling a little sluggish in the am, try replenishing with electrolytes. Your body loses a ton of these while consuming alcohol. Banana's, yogurt or kale are high in potassium and calcium and will help aid any hangover.Avoid sports drinks, these often promise health and hydration but contain high amounts of sugar. A multivitamin before and after can also make a big difference in how your body is able to process alcohol.


Saved the most obvious for last. Hydrating pre-holiday and after is a must! This helps your kidneys and your liver to lower your blood alcohol level while you're drinking and will rid your body of toxins after. We recommend half your Pressa Bottle water between drinks, sparkling water counts too!

Pressed water will help with the holiday hangover and if you infuse your clear alcohol over the holidays it will help with your hangover.

Do you have any tricks or tips for keeping your alcohol consumption in check over the holidays? Please share below and drinkresponsibly this holiday.

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