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August 26, 2018 4 min read

Humans are wired to find the best route to avoid pain. When given a choice, you are likely to choose the path of least resistance or discomfort, even if the latter will bring you long term progress, health and life! But sometimes the path that requires the greater effort is the very thing that has allowed humans to develop and improve quality of life. Humans have created some awesome things since the beginning of time (whenever that was).                                                                        
Humans invented the wheel. Now we can roll around anywhere                               
Humans invented penicillin so we don’t die from small infections.                                               
Humans invented Netflix so we don’t have to put VHS’s in the VCR (antique movie player) when we want to watch a movie.                                                                               
All of these efforts have gone to improve lives by making things easier. All of these things have helped to improve the quality of life and entertainment involved. None of the things above happened overnight, well maybe the wheel we are not sure how that was made, but they were done by humans wanting something bad enough and making it happen.                                                                                              

If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. However, if you don’t want something, even the best of strategies won’t serve you” - some person on the internet                                                                                                        

This is exactly how everything in history has been done, someone orsome group has wanted something bad enough and pursued that vision.                                                    
This bringsus to the point – Single Use Plastic                                                                  
Humans invented plastic to make lives better, its light weight, its inexpensive, and its convenient. So convenient humans put single servings of liquid in them to last  for one day, or straws that cost nothing to slurp up drinks,and cups to save washing dishes. The problem is that convenience has made lives so easynow and people have forgotten about tomorrow. People got carried away! These single use items last thousands of years and are destroying seas, beautiful views, and the planet.
There are a million articles on the internet about the negative effects of single use plastic. Here is one:                                                                                                                
By 2050, The oceans could have more plastic than fish                                                       
This article isn't to be about the damages done but looking to start a movement for the repair of our planet. With the above about wanting to take the path of least resistance, people have to go against human nature to correct the problem. What this means is that the solution to the problem isn’t necessarily the easiest route and most things will take a bit more effort.                                                           
The restaurant will have to wash the stainless steel straw you use at lunch.
Stainless steel reuseable straws
You will have to fill your reusable bottle  before work.
Pressa Bottle
You will have to carry a bottleto work.
You will have to press a coffee not a Keurig cup.
Palm press coffee on the go
You will have to carry your coffee in a travel mug
ember temperature controlled mug
And there are a million other examples. (you can comment them below if you want)                                                                                                                            
Big bottle companies are blamed for creating the 1 million bottles that are sold every minute worldwide but the fact is these sell to people craving an easy solution to their problem. If people put in the effort to carry a reusable bottle thesingle usebottles won’t be made! No onesmakesVCR’s anymore (our favourite analogy) because people stoppedusing them, Maybe one day people wont make single use plastics anymore becausepeople stopped buying them.                                        
All though an effort needs to be made and can be argued as a bit more work, the simple fact is that nothing great in human history has been done without someone or some group putting in a bit more effort.

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