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March 08, 2017 2 min read

Today we’ve all heard that disposable water bottles are building up on our planet. Polluting our oceans and causing serious problems for the wildlife we share this planet with. Cities such as San Francisco are among the first to put strict laws in place banning the sale of disposable water bottles to phase out this wasteful industry. Universities, businesses and public areas are also following San Francisco’s lead. Pulling bottled water from their vending machines and cafeterias in order to reduce waste. Today, public buildings and areas often cater to the reusable water bottle folk (good for you) providing reusable water bottle filling stations. These filtered water systems make filling your reusable bottle a breeze, often showing you how many water bottles they have saved on a digital display.

So, what about the disposable juice and soda bottles that are being disposed of? Unfortunately, these bottles also contribute to the growing pollution problem. With zero benefits to consuming sugary drinks, you’d be surprised to know that Americans still consume 44.7 gallons of soda each year. Doesn’t sound like a lot? 44.7 gallons of soda weighs 375 lbs. We can’t help but crave these sugary drinks, but with a little creativity (and willpower) you can ditch these sugary drinks.


First, carry a reusable water bottle, this is the easiest way to avoid cravings for soda or juice. If you have to have juice avoid cocktails as this pretty much always means it's half-and-half. Half real sugar, half fake sugar. Infusing water is a great way to create something tasty without all the unwanted sugars or calories. For some (us) infused water offered limited flavor and just hyped up the detoxification benefits. While all this might be true, it fails to solve the reason you drink soda or juice in the first place. Taste! This is part of the reason we designed Pressa Bottle, as a way to extract flavor from our favorite fruits. Now we don’t wait for flavor, we make it!


By incorporating healthier food, exercise and a double dose of H20 into your lifestyle you’d be surprised how easy it is to phase out sugar. Why not start now, like right now.

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