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Spring Has Sprung! Are you ready?

May 03, 2018 2 min read

Spring is finally here!


We love everything about spring here at Pressa Bottle.  Spring clothes, spring cleaning, and a new season of fruits and vegetables that will be available to us!

Here are five great ideas to start your spring off right:

1. Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningYou’ve been cooped up all winter and in your little hibernation den, you’ve accumulated a lot of junk.  Why not start your spring off right by decluttering your home and only keeping the things you need?  You might also find things you thought you lost!

2. Get Outside!

Now that the temperatures are above freezing temperatures, its time to get outside and soak up some well needed Vitamin D. Go to the park and play some games with your friends, have some people over for a barbecue, just don’t forget to stay hydrated!

making detox water in the spring.

3. Get Active

There’s still time to get your bathing suit body ready. Now that the rush from New Years resolution seekers has died down, it’s the perfect time to get into a good routine at the gym.  Or better yet, take advantage of the good weather and take up an outdoor boot camp.


4. Head to a Farmers Market

Why not make the most of your Saturdays and get up early to go to your local farmers market. With more vegetables and fruit coming into season, it’s the perfect time to try new recipes in your Pressa Bottle.  Try a watermelon and blueberry pressed water in May, and Cherry lime combo in June.


5. Take Advantage of the Daylight

Summer is on its way which means more backyard parties and patio season. A good way to spice up your entertaining is to make your guests drinks in your Pressa Bottle.  Make your own mojito with freshly squeezed limes and mint pressed right in your water bottle.  Make your own Sangria by putting your fruit right in the basket and pressing the fruit when you need a bit more sugar.

    taking advantage of the extra daylight in the spring time and enjoying some pressed water.




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