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June 02, 2017 2 min read

We all know hydrating is important, but it can be quite boring. Without drinking the recommended daily amount of water your performance drops! You'll feel fatigue, lethargic and your body will actually think it is hungry when it's not. Together, these dehydration side effects are a recipe for disaster if you're trying to diet or lose weight. Infused water or detox water is a great way to encourage the consumption of water without intaking any unwanted sugars or calories. 

Obviously there will be sugar and a couple calories in your water when you naturally flavor with fruit but what's the alternative? Head over to the vending machine and pay $3 for liquid sugar? The problem here is not you wanting flavor, it's the options for flavoring. Current infusing methods are less than effective for flavoring water and if you've ever tried one you know. You shake it, swirl and swish but that lemon in your water won't budge. It's beneficial to squeeze the lemon inside but that's messy and still under delivers.

The best way to create a delicious infused water is by using Pressa Bottle. Pressing the fruit inside without having to open the bottle delivers a flavor that puts detox water to shame. Also, who has time to cut up all that fruit every morning? Just toss a couple pieces of your favorite fruit inside Pressa Bottle and you'll be amazed with how much flavor you'll get out of it. 

Side note: The recommended daily amount of water is (8 - 250 ml cups or 3 Pressa Bottles).

Make the best detox water recipes.

Below is a link from Kayla Itsines showcasing some delicious recipes that go well in a Pressa Bottle as well. Her detox water recipes look appealing but they've got nothing on pressed water :). 

Kayla Itsines Fruit Infused Water



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