Naturally Flavoring Water with Style

July 15, 2017

Naturally Flavoring Water with Style

Jesse Whale @closettcandyy Sipping in Style

We've come to realize Pressa Bottle is enjoyed by a wide range of passionate and inspirational individuals.. Recently we had the pleasure of learning a little about an individual with a passion for fashion. This passion has blossomed from a blog into a full-service style business, Clossett Candyy. From Wardrobe consultations to personal shopping Jesse Whale thrives with style. “Thrives" is an understatement as you scroll through the images Jesse shares.

Staying hydrated in style by drinking detox water from the best infuser bottle available.

A busy lifestyle requires healthy and simple lifestyle choices so it was great to see Jesse adopt Pressa Bottle into her routine.

Best way to stay hydrated at work by drinking flavored water with natural fruit juice.

Summers coming, if you're looking for style advice we recommend Jesse Whale @closettcandy. Whether you’re a CEO or a young professional, Jesse can have you feeling confident for any occasion. Besides being an expert in her field Jesse is a delight to chat with, be sure to check out her accounts. You won't regret it!

Stylish water bottle with purpose





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