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November 19, 2017 2 min read

Have you noticed after only a couple of hours at the office, you find yourself falling asleep on your keyboard? Us too.

The University of Florida has found that 75% of Americans are dehydrated throughout the workday so chances are you’re part of this group, and even if your not, drinking more water is only going to help you as I am sure you have heard.

Two of the biggest symptoms of dehydration are headaches and fatigue. Both of these aren’t fun for you, or anyone you work with. You become easily irritated and much less productive which then leads to your boss asking why this isn't done and you snapping back at him followed by an awkward and confrontational rest of the day...speaking from experience.  Although throwing your computer out the window and walking out seems appropriate at the time you need your job and the money coming from it. The quick fix and obvious solution is to avoid everyone and crawl to the office coffee pot, chug down half a pot of office tar and resume working. This might work as a patch and increase your energy short term, but it is not a great solution.

One of the best warriors against fatigue is keeping hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, which means that in order for our organs and muscles to function properly we need to be constantly replenishing our supply. But sometimes as the workdayyyy… wears on you, the appeal of the boring old water cooler dwindles making the taste of the leftover burnt coffee from 8 am more appealing. So instead of heading to the water cooler for boring old water, add the extra boost of energy by pressing fruit into your water. Things like adding cinnamon and apple  to warm or cold water can boost your metabolism and make you feel more alert to get your stuff done get you out of the office early.

pressed water made with apples and cinamon


Or lime and mint to transport your tastes to your favourite beach chair sipping virgin mojitos at work.

Making the work day more enjoyable with pressed water


You can find more ideas on the Pressa Bottle blog. So give pressed water a try at work to help make the little things a lot more enjoyable and keep your head off the keyboard. 


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