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November 11, 2017 2 min read

Infused Water for Your Marathon

As the Pressa Bottle community grows we’ve decided we’re going to boast about the people who use Pressa Bottle and what makes them so unique! If you have a story to share, a passion or even just a cool recipe be sure to let us know so you can be featured on The Press. 

Hydrating is a Natural Energy Drink

crush and juice into your water with Pressa Bottle

Starting things off with with Ashton, a.k.a @fitness alamode. Ashton is a real estate agent located in Baltimore whose passion for challenging herself has led to the start of her blog Fitness A La Mode.If you’re looking for tips on fitness, especially fitness for a working professional,  you need to check out her blog. Training and recently completing her first marathon, Ashton has been passing along her experience (both good and bad) through her blog and Instagram stories. An inside look at the preparation involved for a marathon may be just what you need to run one yourself!?


"Hydrating keeps me light and ready to run"

Ashton will help you lose weight by eating healthy and staying fit

Ashton’s “Why” is important to her, “Without your why, you have no purpose in pursuing your passion. When I challenge myself, I gain the chance to realize how powerful I really am.”This resonates through Ashton’s posts and could give you that extra push if you’re trying to commit to a healthier life.

Training for a marathon means hydration is a must, “more than usual” Ashton says. Being picky with the taste of tap water meant her Pressa Bottle was never far while she prepared for her marathon. “I’ve owned a water bottle that has a space to infuse fruit, but the fact that my Pressa Bottle actually has the little gadget to press your fruit is a big deal.” Ashton's go to flavor combo is lemon + strawberry “hands down”, both of these fruits are easily accessible and she can use a fraction of the strawberries she would normally have to infuse her water. One strawberry for her Pressa Bottle and lots left over to eat!

Fitness A La Mode will help you prepare for lifes marathon and real ones too by staying healthy and fit.

Check out the links to Ashton’s blog and Insta below.


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