Drinking Pressed Water Can and Will Improve Your Life

October 21, 2017

Drinking Pressed Water Can and Will Improve Your Life

You’ve probably been told drinking water is good for you too many times. We're all quite aware of the benefits water offers.

Using pressed water to improve your life and make healthier choices

  1. You’re body is 60% water and through out the day you lose this water. So top up!
  2. Water can help you lose weight! It makes you feel full and flushes toxins from your body.
  3. Break out before a important meeting? Toxins cause pores to clog and like we just said in #2, water flushes toxins.
  4. Want to be smarter or more alert? Your brain cells need h20

Productivity, fatigue, a hangover helper, the list is endless. Making sure you’re on top of your water consumption is important!

the benefits of pressing fruit juice into your water will help you life a healthy lifestyle.

So some of you might be thinking “Ok, but if water is the superstar here, why do I need pressed water”. Think of it like this. When you have a food craving do you crave the decadent, savoury taste of a carrot??? Chances are you don’t and this is where pressed water shines! Instead of putting in effort to chug your h20 Pressa Bottle creates something similar to detox water with a literal twist. By twisting the dial on top of the bottle Pressa Bottle presses and juices real fruit into your water. This is how it got it’s self proclaimed name pressed water. Packed with flavor, added nutrients and antioxidants, pressed water is a healthy drink you can crave.

For a healthy lifestyle the obvious choice is water, might as well enjoy what you drink and make it pressed water! 


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