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Detox Water For Better Skin
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Detox Water For Better Skin

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We all know that drinking more water is basically the solution to many problems we all face with our bodies. Feel tired? Probably dehydrated. Have a headache? Grab a bottle of water. Want to lose weight? Start chugging.

 Pressed Water made with the citrus fruits for better skin

But did you know the effects of adding fruit to your water? Adding lemons to your water bottle can help keep your skin healthy and reduces inflammation. Since zits are basically just a small infection that feels like Mount Everest on your face, the vitamin C in lemons can fight off the inflammation, but also promotes rapid wound healing for when you give in and pop those bad boys.


It doesn’t just fight acne, the vitamin C found in most citrus fruits aids in the production of collagen. Collagen is the hero that makes your skin tight, and springy fighting the aging process and reducing the development of wrinkles.

 Pressing lemon into tap water to create delicious water

But when making infused lemon water, you don’t get all the vitamins out of the fruit. That’s why the Hambly brothers invented Pressa Bottle. The built in press actually squeezes all the juice out of the lemons, which gives you all the vitamin C your skin craves. This way your detox water packs a bigger punch in fighting away those blemishes and keeps your skin bright and smooth.


But you don’t have to stop at just lemons! Spice up your lemon detox water by adding some cucumbers or strawberries and get even more anti-oxidants all day long packed into each refill.

Squeezing apples into my water in beautiful Elora 

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