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May 15, 2018 2 min read

You’re likely interested in making healthy choices but our fast paced lives don’t always allow this. Today there's thousands of “healthy” choices to detox your body from terrible toxins. How do we know if they actually work?


Detox Perception

The perception is that detox products help our liver to rid our bodies of toxins. According toDr. Frank Lipman the detox craze is a bit controversial because the body detoxifies best. The liver breaks down old or damaged blood cells, caused by what we call toxins. It's perceived that detox teas, meals etc. help the liver to rid your liver of toxins but often do the opposite. In-taking too much of anything leads to a build up of toxins, "detox" products included.


Why Pressed not Detox?

Pressa Bottle creates what we like to call pressed water. This is because we wanted to highlight the superstar, the all natural detoxifier, Water! Drinking the recommended daily amount of water (about 3 Pressa Bottles) is the best way to help your liver. The problem is with all the tasty alternatives available it's hard to get excited about H2O. That's where Pressa Bottle comes in!

Benefits of Pressa Bottle & Pressed Water

  • More flavor!

    • This means you're more likely to reach for your water instead of an unhealthy alternative.
  • Less Fruit

    • Uses a fraction of the fruit a regular infuser requires and you get 10X the flavor. This might be the only time healthy eating is less expensive.
  • Long Lasting

    • Pressa Bottle can be refilled and repressedmultiple times. This means your first water tastes as good as the last!


    Detox drinks and meals claim to help out but remember that taking to much of anything can leave toxins in the body. We recommend trying to stick to a healthy, diet while drinking the proper amount of water. Pressed water to be exact :)

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